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How to Really Make America Great Again Featured

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Here's how we make America great again:

Raise the Minimum Wage - People with money in their pockets tend to spend it more freely, which is what drives the economy and generates tax revenue.  By making sure that workers get a more fair "piece of the action", we ensure that people have a surplus of cash instead of a deficit.  We must understand that without the work of labor there would be no corporate profit.

Strengthen Labor Unions - Strong unions bring benefits to all workers, as businesses must compete against union shops in order to draw the best workers.  When unions are strong, the middle class is strong.

Punish Tax-dodging Businesses - When megacorporations and the rich stash their money off-shore, or go through accounting gymnastics in order to avoid paying their fair share of taxes, that tax burden is shifted onto the American tax payer.  The businesses keep all the profits but unload their liabilities on the backs of the tax-payer, who receives no benefit in exchange.

End Corporate Welfare - Conservatives like to complain about the $35 a year the average person pays towards their own welfare insurance, meanwhile ignoring the $6000 they pay to subsidize Wal-Mart's payroll shortcomings.

Bring Manufacturing Jobs Home - As we transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, we will need skilled workers to manufacture solar and wind generator components and facilities.  These could be good paying manufacturing jobs; we just need to change how we think about "manufacturing".  Instead of working on an assembly line, think about manufacturing infrastructure instead.

Get Big money Out of Politics - Citizens United was the worst supreme court decision in history.  Corporations are NOT people and money is not speech.  Only people are people and only speech is speech.  Wealthy individuals and special interests should not be able to purchase politicians or elections.

End "Right to Work" Laws - These laws are meant for busting unions and allowing people to work for less.

These are just a few things we can do to get started towards making America great again!

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